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What sets Hamilton apart from our competition? Many tree companies only have limited knowledge of correct techniques for tree care and limited employee experience due to high turnover rates as a result of low wages, unsafe work environment, and the immense labor involved for this high-risk job. This is an occupation that demands respect; many years of training and personal investment are an essential part of becoming a qualified arborist. The standards we hold our team to are necessary so that they can safely complete the hazardous tasks involved with professional tree care; anything less is would recklessly irresponsible for both client and company. Skill, experience, and knowledge are of paramount concern when successfully completing each project in a timely, safe, and proper manner.

Additionally, we own an assembly of environmental equipment; ensuring we will have the safest most efficient implementation for any job. Most tree companies only have hand-fed wood chippers and conventional dump trucks which require more haul trips, more labor, more time and increase the risk of serious injury. At Hamilton we keep your project costs and our environmental footprint low by cutting back on travel, using appropriate machinery to cut back on risk and labor time. If you remember the old adage- time is money; we won’t waste either.

Here is a summary of the benefits of choosing Hamilton Tree Services:

  1. There are less workers at each site
  2. A well-coordinated team of trained qualified representatives, not unskilled laborers
  3. Less injuries due to use of tractors and cranes over hand-labor lifting
  4. Mechanically fed chippers, 80% of our chipping is non-contact with workers. This eliminates one of the primary injuries incurred by arborists- injury from a wood chipper.
  5. Less climbing, we use aerial lift devices which reduce worker’s exposure to falls.
  6. Less overall time spent on-site decreases worker exposure to hazards.
  7. Decreased worker fatigue due to less energy exertion as a result of replacing human labor with machines.
  8. Proper uniforms and safety equipment prevent injury in the case of an incident.

The more quickly the job is completed the less you are disrupted. Would you rather have disturbance at your home or business for one or three days? We complete jobs in a third of the time of our competition.

Labor is the number one overhead cost for companies. We use fewer workers to complete the same job. This equals fewer workers compensation insurance and man-hours billed to your project which lowers overall cost to you, the client.

Specialized equipment and skilled operators’ means less labor and time to complete your job. We use modern aerial devices, cranes, mechanically fed chippers, and tractors.

EBMUD 2008 San Pablo Dam Retrofit Project

Safer job sites because:

  • Comprehensive safety training program to protect client and team. Some of our training includes but is not limited to CPR/First Aid, Aerial Rescue, and proper PPE use. We also require complete tree industry training on equipment operation, rigging and cranes.
  • Less impact on your property. By utilizing equipment, there is less material dropped, dragged, or felled. We lift most trees utilizing hydraulic cranes so all debris goes up and out, not down on your roof or landscape. We also use Alturnamat brand ground protection to decrease ground pressure from the weight of our equipment. Scenario: Imagine removing a large tree weighing over 25 tons (many do) over your roof with ropes; all the impact from the many workers required to disassemble this tree will stress your property from the foot traffic and the debris haul out. All the limbs must be lowered to the roof and carried to the edge and thrown off. Then the trunk must be cut into small pieces and tossed to the ground then carried to the truck. The impact from the falling hundred pound pieces of wood and the limbs being tossed off the roof will obviously leave a mark on your landscape. Sometimes this is the only way to remove a tree… We can utilize a hydraulic crane to lift a tree 70% of the time. With this method, the impact is nearly zero to property. And if the tree needs to be dropped than we would use our ground protection mats to minimize impact.

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