We provide:

  • Land Clearing – removing trees, stumps, and other vegetation from wooded areas to create usable land for other uses.
  • Land Restoration – the process of ecological restoration of a site to a natural landscape and habitat, safe for humans, wildlife, and plant communities. Ecological destruction is usually the consequence of pollution, deforestation, salination or natural disasters.
  • Forest Stand Improvement – the practice of improving your woods by favoring desirable plants and removing or discriminating against undesirable plants and manipulation of species composition, stand structure, and stocking by cutting or killing selected trees and understory.
  • Harvesting – felling trees and transporting the logs to a mill
  • Mechanical Vegetation Management – This control approach involves hand or machine removal of interfering plants and trees. Mechanical control practices generally involve cutting the target plant or tree.
  • ROW – mechanically clearing plants and trees to create a right of passage.

We have the experience and equipment to handle practically any land maintenance project. We can return the land to native trees, clear it completely, harvest, improve timber yield, or just control vegetation. Our equipment is top notch and perfectly suited for these operations.

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