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Proper tree management is the most important factor when considering safety in a public setting. Tree management consists of working inside a planned budget to maintain safety, aesthetics, and tree health within a defined space.

An annual evaluation of all trees by a experienced qualified arborist that could impact the use of the defined area is the beginning of tree management.

Remember that trees are a living thing, therefore preparing five plus year plans no longer work and is a waste of resources. Our recent climate changes suggest that the weather is no longer predictable and factors such as drought or excessive rain impact growth patterns of trees immensely. This is why annual evaluations are necessary to determine a scope of action for immediate and up to two years maximum. There are several factors why a longer term plan is not a good idea. First and most typically, once a written work plan is published, then an action plan is needed to complete this scope within a reasonable timeline to ensure the public’s safety. Budget constraints may not allow the plan to be fulfilled in the recommended timeline, therefore a liability could arise for the owner or manger resulting in negligence if an incident occurs as a result of not completing said scope of work. Therefore, it’s best to develop a annual scope of work based off budget as a key factor; Or a verbal evaluation to keep liability to a minimum. Another reason is that money paid for a longer term evaluation will be wasted if the unforeseen climate affects the rate of growth or rate of decline of the trees or if the allotted budget to complete said long term scope is depleted or reassigned to other needs. Hamilton can provide a annual evaluation to our clients based on budget at zero cost to owner. This evaluation is performed by veteran arborists whom have over twenty years experience in the industry. This is very important, long term experience in real world tree operations and not just book smarts makes our company stand apart.

The next step is to complete the action plan or scope of work set forth in the short term plan. We have the equipment, experience and capabilities to perform large scope projects in short time periods. This translates to minimal disruption to the public and a property managers dream. We handle all the necessary arrangements to make the job go smooth such as developing traffic plans, blocking off work areas, and posting notices to make it easy for our client.

Finally, if requested, our project manager can do a post job walk to point out the scope of work that was completed and any other concerns that may have been found during the work. Additionally, we can provide a brief plan for the recommended next budget phase.

Larger entities stand to benefit the most from Hamilton’s aggressive approach to loss prevention. We will work with you to find reasonable terms, strategize to eliminate liabilities and protect assets. Trees can add tremendous value, beauty, and enjoyment to a city or property if properly maintained; or pose a risk and liability if neglected or improperly pruned. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when you have assets to protect and want to avoid the pitfalls of judicial action. We will create a plan to reduce risk, improve asset value, and lessen maintenance costs. By systematically determining necessary removals, pruning vs. replacement, both immediate and up to two year goals will become manageable.

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